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My name is Vimal and I am the founder of Electrical Made Easy.

I completed my bachelors degree in electrical and electronics engineering and have over 12+ years of professional experience from various industries like medical, automotive, consumer, and telecom in full-cycle product development; taking from concept to production with hands on experience in electrical design, architecture design, hardware system design and integration, hardware design, firmware development, verification & validation, test automation, regulatory compliance, data analysis, and manufacturing operations. 

My core specialization is in Electromagnetics and Analog.  


Hi, I am a site editor and content contributor for this site. My name is Pablo Antonio Camacho Jr., I have finished my bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and have about 3 years of professional experience in the medical test device industry and product development. I have acquired experience in schematic design, hardware design, embedded firmware development, test automation, verification, data analysis, as well as communication with manufacturers.

I am a generalist, my core specializations are mostly in analog and programming.  

Our Story

We have gone through a protracted process of thoroughly comprehending the foundations of electrical engineering and applying them in practical, real-world situations. Everything we have discovered in our career as an electrical hardware engineer is what we wanted to share with everyone.

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