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Required Job Skills For Various EE Roles

VLSI Analog Engineer

  1. Proven experience in high-precision analog integrated circuit design - amplifiers, comparators, regulators, oscillators, and references.

  2. Solid experience and understanding of CMOS and BiCMOS process technologies and circuit design.

  3. Proficient in circuit and system simulation tools (Cadence, Matlab) and Office Environment Software o Experience with mixed-signal simulation in the cadence AMS environment.

  4. Experience and capability with lab evaluation

  5. Analog Behavioral modeling in Verilog-A or Verilog-AMS.

  6. Proficiency with Spectre/APS/XPS, Spectre RF, AFS (BDA), Hspice, HspiceRF, EMX, ADS, GoldenGate, AMS Designer, XA, Hsim, and FineSim. Strong ability to solve simulation accuracy, speed and capacity issues related to CAD tools and drive EDA vendors.

  7. Mixed-signal design, simulation, and verification and familiarity with back-end flow, including synthesis, place and route, and timing analysis

Embedded Firmware Engineer

  1. Excellent programming skills with knowledge of C/C++ and Python.

  2. Strong understanding of operating systems (FreeRTOS, Linux, ROS.), hardware, and embedded systems.

  3. Proven experience in writing complex kernel drivers and embedded firmware.

  4. Collaborates well with cross functional engineering teams.

  5. Low level drivers CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, UART, PCIE, DDR3, HDMI, USB bus.

Power Electronics and Controls Engineer

  1. Experience with power electronics design including AC/DC, DC/DC, board bring up and debugging.

  2. Develop and utilize computer simulations (Matlab/Simulink, HiL, SiL) to investigate new algorithms, modifications, or corner-case events.

  3. Develop and utilize computer simulations (Matlab/Simulink, HiL, SiL, PSPICE) to investigate new algorithms, modifications, or corner-case events.

  4. Experience in EMI test and mitigation

  5. Power topologies including AC-DC (PFC), isolated DC-DC and DC-AC experience.

  6. Experience with Soft-switching and resonant topologies

  7. Experience in similar industries: high power motor drives, high power supplies.

  8. Experience with hardware and software implementation of closed-loop position/speed control actuation systems (including feedback sensing and protections)

Embedded Hardware Engineer

  1. Schematic and PCB design tools like Altium, Cadence or Mentor graphics.

  2. Architecture block diagram design and parts/components selection.

  3. Analog and Digital board level circuit design.

  4. Hardware systems integrations of various like circuit blocks with low level drivers I2C, SPI, UART, PCIE, DDR3.

  5. SPICE circuit simulations.

  6. Power supply design LDO, DC-DC.

  7. SI and PI analysis and high speed PCB design.

  8. Cross functional collaborations with various functional groups. 

  9. Compliance testing - reliability , EMI/EMC/ESD.

  10. Test and Validation using lab bench instruments.

VLSI Digital Engineer

  1. Experience with synthesis and static timing tools.

  2. Developing digital IP’s for SoC’s or mixed signal IC’s.

  3. Synthesis and static timing tools.

  4. Implement FSM’s and other control logic in System Verilog.

  5. High-quality, high-performance Verilog / System-Verilog RTL implementation from design specification.

  6. Writing and maintaining test plans

  7. Creating and maintaining UVM testbenches

  8. Created a module testbench from scratch

Electrical Machines Design Engineer

  1. Extensive knowledge & experience required (user & mentor) in electro-magnetic machine design using FEA tools like Maxwell 3D.

  2. Understanding of engineering theory and principles of design.

  3. Design, development, and testing experience with electric machines.

  4. Specialization in Electrical Machines & Drives.

  5. Working knowledge of electric motor design optimization methods.

  6. Working knowledge of electric motor manufacturing, testing and development.

  7. Working knowledge of electric motor and inverter controls.

Power Systems Engineer


Electrical Infrastructure and Maintenance Engineer


Optics Engineer


Professional Electrical Engineer


RF Engineer


SI and PI Engineer


Silicon Validation/ATE Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer



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