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Professional Course On Embedded Hardware Development
To Achieve Your Dream Job

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Electrical and Hardware Engineering Job Hacks @ FAANG Companies
Why you have to choose career in embedded system hardware/electrical roles?

This field has high demand, low competition, job security, and your job cannot be replaced by AI.

Course Description

This course aims to provide working professionals and new graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an embedded hardware product development role and includes tips and strategies for acing technical interviews at top tech companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta.

Gains From  This Course - Introduction Video
Course Contents

11 Sections | 200+ Lectures | 11 Hours Total Length

System Architecture and Design
Hardware Verification and Validation
Test Measurement and Instrumentation
Signal Integrity (PI) and Power Integrity (PI)
RF Desense, EMI, EMC & ESD Mitigation
Hardware Product Development
Manufacturing and Operation
Regulatory compliance
Behavioral Interview Preparation 
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